the world's first house music opera

Written and Produced by NMON FORD

"The spirit, breathed out through that mouth to which stones listened..."

Metamorphoses, Ovid

PLEASE NOTE - The show is currently undergoing rewrites following the first workshop. The information shared on this site is meant to represent the revised version.




The world's first House Music opera, ORFEUS is a mashup of opera, house music, theater, and film.

ORFEUS rebirths the ancient Roman myth of Orpheus and Euridice, first introduced to the world in Ovid's epic poem, Metamorphoses.


Orfeus, a former military assassin, deserted his post in Pluto's underworld army when he discovered an ability to create and intensify emotions through music. However, despite his talents, and burdened by guilt over his death-dealing past, Orfeus has never experienced true love.

By chance he meets the poet, Euridice, whose grace and beauty stir new feelings within him. As they talk of words and music, Euridice begins to compose a poem that Orfeus sets to music. By the end of the song, the two have fallen in love, and they pledge to live together in happiness. At their wedding, however, Euridice falls victim to a mysterious, fatal illness and dies in Orfeus' arms.

Unwilling to accept their separation, Orfeus travels that night to the underworld to beg for Euridice's return. Sitting on his throne in the Great Hall, Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, offers to release her if Orfeus can retain his faith, hope, and love through the Maze of Three: three nameless paths leading to the perils of seduction, deception, and sorrow. Once Orfeus agrees, Pluto calls The Furies, beckoning them to guide Orfeus through the maze.

The first path reveals a beautiful woman who resembles Euridice. She promises Orfeus a love greater than that which he shared with her on earth, if only he will stay with her in the underworld. He rejects her, and she casts him aside onto the next path, where another figure appears in the likeness of Euridice and attempts to convince him that Pluto will release her only if Orfeus kills one of Pluto's prisoners: a murderer. Orfeus sees through the deception and refuses, after which the woman drops him into an endless dungeon where Euridice lies dead on the ground. It is only here Orfeus learns the truth: it was Pluto who sent the illness to kill Euridice in an attempt to break Orfeus' spirit and return him to a life of violence. As Orfeus weeps over Euridice's lifeless body, he sings the song they created together. Moved to tears, The Furies defy Pluto's wishes by guiding Euridice's spirit back to her body and opening the gates of the underworld.

As the sun rises, Orfeus and Euridice find themselves back in the place where they first met...

...and Pluto discovers that his prisoners have escaped.